Nature-US Workshop

Nature – Art – Technology

N-US / NATURE-US is the first cultural management workshop focusing on crossover themes, sets between the Digital, Research, Training, Design and Management sectors.

The contemporary reflection on the notions of Art, Nature and Technology is at the centre of the workshop. The nexus is investigated by adopting a crossover approach, combining design, biotechnology, architecture, digital marketing, philosophy, video making, direction, landscape design, contemporary art, ecology and virtual reality.

The constant evolution of the system of relationships between artistic creativity, the natural environment, human practices and technological mediations affects our experience of reality on a daily basis. Today, Nature, Art and Technology are increasingly interconnected, prompting to rethink the existing link between human beings and the natural, social and cultural environment.

N-US / Nature-Us by Asht*art Consultancy was born from these reflections. The workshop is dedicated to themes such as sustainability and technological innovation and seeks to reflect on ways to support culture, by involving young people through initiatives and events aimed at enhancing their talent and bridging their educational path and the world of work.

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