Founding new Contemporary Art – 19 stories to enhance the contemporary Art scenario


As part of the N-US / Nature-Us project, Asht*art Consultancy partnered with ArtVerona for the project Level 0, a format created in 2013 by Andrea Bruciati.

This Eighth edition involves 19 realities, including Museums, Foundations, and Galleries which have selected each one Italian artist among those presented on the platform, to be promoted within the future programming of the institution through a talk, a publication, a workshop, an installation or an exhibition. This is a project that aims to support the Italian art system, providing unprecedented visibility to artists, gallery owners, museums and foundations which are researching a new paradigm to frame contemporary art.

The result is #paradigmzero Founding new Contemporary Art, a 19-chapter video story which enhances the contemporary scenario through a new digital, shared, and fluid communication strategy. Research, Process, Code, Present, Constellations, Genius Loci are the keywords that have guided our dialogues with the artists, allowing us to focus on their uniqueness, their own creative process, and the relationship between the artists, institutions, and galleries.

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